No 129 - Tissot Seastar 660

I remember the first time I saw a Tissot Seastar diver. It was the last of April, quite a special day when you come from the university town of Uppsala, and I have no idea of what year it was. I just remember I saw this guy hanging around with our crowd among thousands of drunk students and he was wearing a big dive watch on a black rubber strap that I didn't recognized. It turned out to be a Tissot. I thought it looked quite cool and I didn’t even know back then that Tissot made that kind of watches. I mostly associated them with dress watches. Several years later back in 2012 I came across a for sale ad from a person selling a whole bunch of dive watches. Among them were a Citizen Aqualand with an analog depth meter and this Tissot Seastar. The dial of the Tissot was a little worn around the edges but the watch was in an overall decent condition so the guy gave me a good price if I agreed to buy both of them which I did. I later did some research about the Seastar's and discovered that the one I had seen earlier on that guy’s wrist had been a 300m automatic version (The Seastar 1000) while the one I’d just bought was the 200m quartz version (The Seastar 660). 

Back at work a colleague of mine, who also had an interest in watches (just not as severe as my obsession), really liked the Tissot and I let him have it for the same price I'd paid for it. He still wears it today and have had it serviced with a new dial. I had it for such a short time that I never took a picture of it but I asked him the other day if I could take a photo of it for my blog which he was totally fine with. Thank you Pontus!

#129 - The Tissot Seastar 660.

I used to keep an eye open for a used Seastar 300m. I think they’re quite cool but the greenish lume makes me a little sick. It’s not likely I would pick one up today unless it’s a true catch. I recently saw one with a blue dial which was quite cheap but it was too much of a wreck for me wanting to fix it.

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