No 270 - Seiko SRP637

My first and last baby Tuna. To me a true Tuna needs to be rated to 300m, have the screw down crystal and preferably the 7c46 quartz movement. Also I don’t like the design of any of the 200m baby Tunas. They remind me too much of the Monster (which I despise). I have nothing against the overall quality and I wouldn’t in any way say that they are bad watches. I just don’t like the looks of them. Had to try one out though just to confirm if my suspicions were right which they were; it was an ugly watch. I might have worn this one for two days tops. Tried it out both on its original steel bracelet and a Bonetto Cinturini 284 rubber. Preferred it on the rubber. They cost nothing so if you enjoy the design, don’t hesitate. The automatic 4r36 movement is reliable and the matte black dial is nice. Can’t complain about the lume either. It’s a perfect vacation watch which won’t disappoint you but to me, when it comes to Tunas, I prefer the real deal. 

#270 - The Seiko SRP637 with the steel bracelet.

With the Bonetto rubber.

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