No 164 - Seiko SARB059

The SARB059, also nicknamed ”Alpinist”, is a discontinued member of the Prospex family. At first glance you might mistake it for a SKX-diver because of the similar case design but it has a couple of own details, like the dial, handset, chapter ring, bezel, crown and movement, that makes it unique. I loved the quality. It felt solid and the bracelet was really comfortable. I hate all the heavy aftermarket steel bracelets. They’re not even close to Seiko’s own quality. Just chunky, thick and uncomfortable. I especially liked the bezel on the SARB059 which had a much nicer design than the SKX’s. But the chapter ring is what makes this watch stand out. It is filled with ground to air emergency codes; hence the connection to the Alpinist nickname. The dial had a sunburst dark petroleum green tone to it (even though it looks black in all my pictures) which looked very nice in the sun. The 6r15-movement ran great as they always do. A great survival/adventure beater!

#164 - The Seiko SARB059 a.k.a. Alpinist.

I wasn't able to catch that green dial.

Back in early 2013 when I bought mine, and when you could buy these new, the used price was around $300 but nowadays you got to be prepared to pay up somewhere between $600-800. I would easily say it is $300-400-fun but not $600-800-fun. It is a great Seiko, don’t get me wrong, I just think you can get more watch for that kind of money.

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