No 205 - Certina DS Action Ti Diver

The product pictures of the Certina Action Diver all looked fantastic and promising when it was announced. But when everyone who bought it started to post pictures of the watch it looked quite disappointing to me. It was something about the finish. I came across the titanium version to a really good price and felt it was worth giving a try. And it was worth trying it just to confirm it wasn’t as nice as it was easy to believe it was going to be judging from the promotional pitcures. But I must say that the titanium version actually felt better than the steel version. More comfortable to wear and the gray sunburst dial is actually pretty nice and gives it a much toolier look compared to the black and blue dial available on the steel version. I only wore this watch on the bracelet but really think it is better worn a rubber which will help preventing the crown from digging down in the wrist.

#205 - The Certina DS Action Ti Diver, ref.C013.407.44.081.00.

I’m sorry but just can’t vouch for the Action Diver. It is boring. In this price range I think there are a bunch of other watches that are more fun and appealing.

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