No 206 - Hamilton Thin-O-Matic

I completely fell in love with this one the first time I saw it back in early January 2014. Having tried a Hamilton only once prior to this one (back in 2010) it was really time for another one. I had had my eyes on their 42mm Khaki UTC 300m Diver for quite some time but I hadn’t found one to a good price. Then when I discovered this golden 38mm Thin-O-Matic I just felt that it was simply too irresistible and I didn’t have the patience to find a good deal and clicked it home right away.

#206 - The Hamilton Thin-O-Matic, ref. H38435221.

My god I loved it! It was beautiful. A perfect dresswatch. So clean and old fashioned. Alright, so the golden stretch bracelet it came on wasn’t perhaps a super duper combo, I’ll admit that, but when I put it on a dark red-brownish crocodile strap it became a killer! I could easily wear it with everything and it just looked fantastic

The gold twisted my mind and I turned into Gollum. I got greedy and I just couldn’t stop imagining how freaking good a solid gold Rolex Day-Date would look on my wrist. The Hamilton ended up on my best friend’s dad's wrist while I took up the chase for a Day-Date to become my precious.

The stretch bracelet was perhaps a little too much.

I regard Hamilton as a serious and interesting brand. I might not like every crazy design they come up with but at least I feel that they’re making what they want to make and not what will sell the most. That is something I value; believing in what you do. They have a long history of making watches and I love to see them appear in many new movies. I’m definitely not done with Hamilton!

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