No 194 - Seiko SKXA53

Oh, so you thought we were done with the SKX’s? Haha, no way! No but seriously, don't worry, it’s just one or two left. At least so far...

The SKXA53, a.k.a. Black Bullet (who also has a sibling, the SKXA55, a.k.a. Orange Bullet), is also based on the same case and movement as its other SKX relatives. It also shares the same hands as the other SKX’s but this particular Bullet was modified with a new handset that matched the indexes of the dial much better. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to achieve such a huge difference. I honestly think this mod made it so much better than the original. I didn’t own this watch for very long and hardly used it so I haven’t really got much to write about it. The SKXA53 and 55 are far more unusual than the SKX007 and 009 but they cost pretty much the same. I would definitely go for one of the bullets if you like this Seiko style but just want something that is a little more uncommon

#194 - The Seiko SKXA53 a.k.a. Black Bullet. Modified with new hands.

Worn on the original Seiko jubilee bracelet which is fantastic.

I love this lume shot!

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