No 193 - Breitling Aerospace UTC

This is my favorite in the Aerospace series. I love the big lumed italic indexes. I managed to get a hold of one with the UTC module and gold riders on the bezel and besides that it was a full set. What a badboy! If I’m not mistaken I traded this one for my twotone Tudor chronograph, the 79273P. This version of the Aerospace was affordable back in 2013 and still is. Finding one around $1100-$1400 is not unusual and if you’re lucky you can even score one with the UTC module. God those modules are cool! It certainly catches attention. Everyone is like “Oh! What’s the meaning of that cute little watch?” Buying an Aerospace or an Emergency again without the UTC module (or Co-pilot) is a no go for me. I just have to have it.

#193 - The Breitling Aerospace, ref. F65362.

I think the functions in this version of the Aerospace compared to my old Repetition minutes were pretty much the same. I still haven’t had an Aerospace from the newer line but I definitely will someday. I really like the one with the so called tuxedo dial but the latest version, the PVD-version of the EVO night mission, is just insane. Especially with yellow dial. Sick! That one could easily become my new favorite. I have not changed my mind regarding the Aerospace. I still think it’s a superb and useful watch.

Waiting for Pizza.

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