No 146 - Traser P6502 Navigator

I’d sold most of my watches to be able to afford the expensive Rolex GMT-Master II 16713 Rootbeer and figured I could use a really cheap beater for fishing occasions. My dear friend Magnus had this quartz Traser lying unused in his drawers and he let me have it for a friendly price. This one had a sterile dial with no date and other bezel markings compared to my old P6506. Looking back I see now that I got it wrong in my post about the P6506. I wrote that the P6506 had a steel case when it actually was made of titanium. The P6502 on the other hand had a steel case. I would choose the Navigator rather than the Commander just because I think it was cooler without the Traser logo on the dial. I would say it made it more legible. Overall the Traser is a great beater and I still prefer a Traser to a Luminox.

#146 - The Traser P6502 Navigator.

Out pike fishing in early October 2012 with the Traser on my wrist.

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