No 63 & 91 – Marathon GSAR

OK. So this will be my last post of any Marathon watches. The GSAR is basically the same watch as the TSAR except that it is automatic. The size and the appearance are otherwise identical. It also has the tritium tubes which doesn’t need any charging and makes it extremely easy to read even in the darkest conditions. The darker the better as a matter of fact. The tubes are supposed to have a life time of 25 years but when they are dead they are dead for good. It is easy to separate a new dial from an old one. I’ve had watches with tubes that have been only five years old but you could clearly see the difference when comparing it with a new dial.

I bought my first GSAR in January 2011. It came on the original vanilla-smelling rubber. Great watch! I don’t remember if there was a specific reason why I sold it. I probably just got bored after a while and needed something new.

#63 – The Maraton GSAR with its little box.

A wrist shot with a nice thumb print all over the crystal.

Bought my second one in the summer the same year and got it on the steel bracelet that time. That bracelet is just fantastic. So solid, comfortable but most of all good looking. It think I sold it to save up funds for an IWC Aquatimer. 

#91 – Far out in the Stockholm archipelago fishing for pike. GSAR on the wrist.

Even though the GSAR is fantastic I still think it gets beaten by the SAR, JSAR and the TSAR. The only model in the SAR-family I haven’t tried yet is the CSAR but since I’m not a big fan of chronographs and since it shares its size with the mighty JSAR I don’t think I will either. I've just grown tired of big watches.

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