No 45 - Marathon General Purpose

Mmmm! Tritium tubes! After owning the TSAR I was totally hooked on those little tubes. Brands like Ball, Traser and Marathon was constantly on my radar. Even this cute little plastic watch caught my attention. I picked up a used one on eBay in June 2010 for about $90 or $100. I would definitely recommend one as a fun and casual everyday watch for the person who isn’t a watch maniac. Nowadays Marathon has their own web store so it’s just to go and get one. This particular model with quartz movement and date is listed at $200. But there are other versions in other colors and without date and with mechanical movements available. The only thing I don’t like about it is its proportions. Since they are quite small, 34 or 36mm, they should have been thinner but because of the high plexi they get too thick. To me it looks pretty funny. A little fatty-fat-fat.

#45 - The Marathon General Purpose quartz with date.

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