No 32 – Seiko SBDA005

It’s time for the second coolest of the Samurai’s to be introduced. The orange SBDA005. I came across this one in the end of February 2010 and if you read about the Ocean7 G-1 you know that I got the SBDA005 in a trade for the G-1. My only objective in the trade was to move the Ocean7 for something new. It really didn’t matter what it was. Now it happened to be an orange titanium Samurai that I was offered. The deal was valued to $250 and I got an extra $50 on the side to cover up the difference to the G-1. Back then I remember that I was hesitating. I had met the seller at a McDonald’s downtown and I remember I was thinking things like “Jeeez! That sure is an ugly watch. And orange, what the hell? Who wears an orange watch?” But we ended up making a deal and both were happy.

#32 – The orange titanium SBDA005 a.k.a. Samurai.

Full set. Sweet!

The traditional wrist shot on the balcony.

It’s funny because today orange dialed watches are among my favorites. And also it’s funny because now, only five years later, the orange and blue Samurai’s can sometimes be seen on eBay going for $1000. The black ones are usually a little more common and therefor don’t go as high as that. Anyhow, since it was so ugly my new objective became to move it as soon as I could without losing any dough. Looking back on it I didn't make bad deal but it would have been interesting keeping this watch and see what would have become of it. For Seiko lovers it sure is an upcoming collectible.

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