No 154 & 155 - Citizen BN0000-04H & EP6000-07H

”Yeah, matching watches are super cool! Let’s order some for Christmas. My girlfriend will be super happy! I’m sure it will be the perfect gift.” 

At least that’s what I told myself in late December 2102. Turned out to be a double fail. First of all they didn’t arrive in time for Christmas and second they turned out to look ugly as f**k. Neither the Mrs or I found them to be something we wanted to wear. On paper they seemed perfect. 300m solar dive watches to a really affordable price. Perfect vacation beaters was my initial thought. Perhaps they actually were good watches but the product pictures I'd seen before ordering them must have been really deceiving. Didn’t look nearly as good in reality. We didn’t even try them on and I let them go as a package deal and hopefully they ended up in a better home.

For him and her.

#154 - The Citizen Citizen BN0000-04H. 39mm excl. crown.

#155 - The Citizen EP6000-07H. 33mm excl. crown.

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