Watches #101-150

Wow! My passion for watches is back and it’s stronger than ever. As a matter of fact I’m sitting here today with a new piece on my wrist that has been on my WTB-list since forever. Two days ago I acquired the legendary Omega Ploprof 600. I had to give up two watches I really liked for the trade to happen (because I couldn’t come up with the cash) but what the hell. This is a true icon and looking at it just gives me a happy sensation inside that only a few special watches have the ability to call forth.

It was actually quite a while ago since I bought such an expensive watch like the Ploprof. I’m currently so bored with Rolex's and other luxury brands, that have appealed to me in the past, and I have pretty much gone back to my roots which means playing around with <$500 is what I do. That is also what I like to do the most. This Omega though set me off track a little but I don’t think it’s going to affect my orientation in general. Seiko is still the brand I enjoy the most that I always will go back to when feeling lost or uninspired. Somehow that brand keeps finding new ways to reawaken my interest.

#317 - My latest addition. The Omega Ploprof 600, ref. 166.077.

An unexpected brand that has boosted my passion a lot lately have been Doxa. I really thought I was done with them but then suddenly I got a huge Doxa revival and picked up two pieces that I’ve wanted to try out for a long time. My sight is currently set on their new re-issue of the SUB 300T that will be released later this year. It sure does look promising! I’ve even start to glance at their vintage watches a little but I’m not really there yet. The Ploprof though could very well be the vintage watch that pushes me over the edge into the world of mold and rust.

So what about the last fifty watches? What have we seen? It’s been dive watches for the most part of course but also plenty of chronographs. The Tutima really was a heck of a timepiece and the two Tudor’s were also really great. We’ve also seen a couple of dress watches like the JLC Reverso,  Sjöö Sandström Royal Steel, Longines Heritage Conquest, Hamilton Thin-O-Matic and Tissot Visodate. Looking at the list of watches to come there’s hardly any dress watches so it seems like my priorities were set straight. Apart from that I don’t think that there’s been that many Seiko’s and that the mix in general has been quite diversified. Most of the watches have given me something worth writing about but every now and then a watch pops up that didn’t leave any impression whatsoever which makes it almost impossible to squeeze out any interesting words about it.

So far 238 watches (150 different models) have been presented to you. I estimate to have reached a minimum of at least 350 watches by the time I reach present day. Something is added to my WTB-list every week and at the moment I have no plans to stop adding new interesting objects to that list. 

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