No 97 - Luminox 3051

Luminox focus a lot on their advertising and are mainly addressing military and other kinds of tactical personnel. If you are a sucker for military watches, which I am, of course you will find their trailers cool. Somehow I knew from the start that Luminox was going to disappoint me. Just a gut feeling. But how could I know for sure if I didn’t give them a chance? It turned out I was right.

I found the 3051 in October 2011. It was sold described “As new”. I only wore the watch at home for a few hours. I didn’t like its appearance; it looked much better on the product pictures and I was really disappointed. Also I had a hard time accepting a 200M depth rating on a watch that neither had a screw on case back or a screw down crown. That just felt so wrong. The funny thing is that only a couple of days after I sold the watch the new owner contacted me saying the watch had fogged up during his bike ride to work. Hearing that just confirmed my suspicion of a bad construction design and it also proved that Luminox should put more effort in making quality watches rather than spending the cash on advertising. But I guess it’s necessary to have some flashy commercials if you’re going to be able to sell an overpriced shitty product. Everything can be sold with some good advertising.

#97 - The Luminox 3051 from the Navy Seal Colormark series.

Quartz movement, 44mm case width excl. crown, WR 200M (yeah right!), tritium tubes.

OK, perhaps I’m not completely fair when I say all Luminox watches are a piece of garbage. I was given the chance to try out their automatic Deep Dive watch for a couple of days and it actually made a much better impression on me compared to the plastic series. The only reason why I didn’t buy it was that it was just too big. Otherwise it was bad ass. Apart from the price tag which is ridiculous. 

I stated in the post about my Traser P6506 Commander that I would pick a Traser before a Luminox any day of the week. That statement still stands and now you know a little more about why.

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