No 87 – Steinhart Ocean1 Vintage Red

Oh, so I see you finally got yourself a Rolex,’ my boss greeted me while he sat down at my table in the cafeteria one day. ’But wait, that’s not a Rolex. What is that?’
’Well, it’s a Steinhart,’ I slurred quietly hoping the conversation would stop right there.
’A Stein-WHAT?’ he shouted at same time he started to down his lunch. I think we had smoked pork sausage that day. It’s slightly sour to the taste and made with barley and usually served with stewed potatoes and pickled beet roots. A typical Swedish dish.
’A STEIN-HART,’ I said; this time sounding a little irritated hoping he might understand that I would like to enjoy my own lunch in some peace and quiet.
’Hell, why do you buy a watch that looks exactly like a Rolex but isn’t a Rolex? Buy yourself a goddamn Rolex and don’t walk around with that piece of crap.’

#87 - The Steinhart Ocean1 Vintage Red. (picture borrowed from Gnomonwatches)

That did it. No more Steinhart watches for me. My boss could be quite a pain in the ass sometimes and even though most people disliked him I respected him and he and I got along well. Even if we didn’t agree with each other’s opinions in most matters, this time he was right and I knew it. I put it out for sale the minute I got home. I didn’t even bother to take a picture of it. I just wanted to get rid of it.

The Ocean1 Vintage Red is supposed to resemble the more unusual Rolex Submariner 1680 with the red print on the dial. This was the older version with the greenish index and black dial. The newer ones have yellow index and a more faded matt dial. It had an acrylic glass which was a nice touch if I have to mention anything positive.

Steinhart has probably most become famous for creating traditional Rolex look-a-likes which doesn’t feel like a very innovative thing to do but in their defense they have made some own designs. Unfortunately for their sake their own models are not what you associate them with whenever the Steinhart brand is mentioned.

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