No 261 - Seiko SUN021

I had only had one Kinetic watch before giving the SUN021 a try and that was the SKA511. I should have known better but somehow the color combination of the SUN021 appealed to me and it was enough to win me over. But man, if I thought that the SKA511 (which was about 43-44mm) felt big I can tell you that the SUN021 was an absolute monster on the wrist with its 48mm. It didn’t feel nothing like wearing a Tuna. I mean, Tuna’s can be big without feeling clumsy. This one only felt heavy and awkward. I’m not going to go in on too many details about it but the Kinetic feature didn’t do it for me this time either. It was an ugly and uncomfortable watch and it did absolutely nothing for me.

#261 - The Seiko SUN021 Kinetic Diver.

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