No 259 - Casio G-Shock DW-8201WC-2T

My first Frogman. Bought back in July 2015. Now I finally understood what G-Shocks were all about. They were about the Frogman’s! They really are the coolest and the most badass watches in the G-Shock line-up. Because of their screw down caseback they give a much more professional feel to them. Being much more expensive than regular G-Shock’s is definitely contributing to the feeling of being a better product as well (I know, I’m that easy to fool!). I actually took for granted that the Frogman was going to have a built-in depth-meter and was quite disappointed that it didn't. I thought that might be the reason for the higher price but I guess the price only has to do with a different construction. The latest Frogman's do come with a depth-meter though but the price also tripled. I'm doing my best trying to motivate myself to get one but I'm not quite there yet.

#259 - The Casio G-Shock DW-8201WC-2T. My first Frogman. Not in the original color combination.

Due to being modified this one came very cheap. Originally it was supposed to have an all clear see-through resin case with a blue print but apparently it is quite common that these see-through cases fade towards a yellowish tone over time. Therefore it has become very popular do re-dye these cases in various color combinations. This one had been given a nice ocean turquoise tone and its letters had been painted yellow. It looked awesome and had a nice summer vibe to it. It was released in the summer of 1998 as a limited edition in a collaboration with the W.C.C.S. (World Coral-reef Conservation Society). The limited edition Frogman’s are highly sought after among collectors and the price you have to pay for the old cool discontinued models makes you don’t want to use them because the minute you do its value just plunges. Buying expensive NOS to collect and cheap second-hand for actual use would be my recommendation.

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