No 229 - Citizen Ecozilla BJ8051-05E

The Ecozilla sure does look like a beast. It’s brutally big and on the verge of being unwearable. To me it is not aesthetically appealing in any way. It is ugly. Without the strap adapters from Suppaparts it is even uglier on its original integrated rubber. With the suppa adapters it wears bigger but it is more versatile and gives you the option to choose any rubber strap you want. I wore mine on the classic N.D. Limits original Citizen rubber. It got to stay with me for a few weeks in the summer of 2014 before it moved on. Far from being one a favorite.

#229 - The Citizen Ecozilla ref. BJ8051-05E.

An engraving seen on many other dive watches. Not very unique.

Martin and I on a beer break during pike fishing in early August 2014.

BBQ in late July. Later the Ecozilla got to go on a midnight swim.

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