No 84 – Squale 50atm

During July 2011 I placed an order on the official Squale homepage for two watches. One of them was the Squale 50atm. This was the NOS-version based on the old parts that had been fitted with a new ETA 2824-2 movement. The 50atm shares its case with many other dive watches from that same era and is one of my absolute favorite designs of all time.

I think it was Fedex that arrived at my office around lunch time. The other watch was a Squale Tiger which I wasn’t that excited about; I just got it because I got a good deal when purchasing two watches. So the 50atm was the one I put on the wrist first. I just loved that rubber strap. So flexible and comfortable with that great smell of vanilla. 

#84 - The Squale 50atm ref. 1521-026/A.

There was actually nothing to complain about regarding this watch. It was perfect. Of course I didn’t realize that at the time but after owning several other Squale watches and seeing what they have come up with latley nothing can’t really beat the old traditional 50atm with the tritium dial. And the fact that it was built on old NOS-parts and had a new movement inside just made it better since I'm not a fan of old rusty vintage movements. Goddamn, I even lost money selling it which today really makes me pissed off. F**k!

Captured during Midsummers Eve 2011.

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