No 208 & 286 - Casio G-Shock DW-5600EG-9VS

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the actual watch #208 that I owned. Product image of the DW-5600EG-9VS (borrowed from Casio)

This awesome retro looking G-Shock is available for about $60. How crazy cheap is that? Ok, so it doesn’t have tough solar, multi-band or any fancy sensors, it’s just a basic G-Shock with the traditional features which means you still have all you need. Having one of these sitting ready in the drawer never hurts. Its size is perfect and it just looks great on the wrist. I am no way near playing with the big boys when it comes to getting likes on Instagram but this watch is the one that has given me the most likes of all the pictures I have posted which I think is kind of surprising.

#286 - The second one I had. Got it in March 2016.

It's all in the gold details!

It’s really hard to stop when you’ve entered the jungle of G-Shock’s. They are like drugs. There are just so many fun versions that you want to try and almost all of them makes you happy. The traditional look of the DW5600 is my favorite among the G-Shock's and there is a Japanese made version called the GW5000, which has the same design, and except for tough solar and multiband it even has a screw down case back which is really cool because that's a feature that only have been used for the Frogman series before. I definitely got to have one of those. 

But what’s even harder when it comes to G-Shock’s is to keep track of all the references! There’s just too many.

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