No 82 & 103 – Doxa SUB 1200T Sharkhunter

YES! Finally we have reached another Doxa. I just love them. Two Sharkhunters has been a part of my collection and I had them both during 2011. The first one I got in May and the second one in October. The second one left quickly because by then I’d realized what it was that didn’t do it for me. It was the orange minute hand. I would have wanted it white like on the 600T Sharkhunter. Man, the 600T Sharkhunter is just great. Probably my favorite of all the Doxa SUB’s. The 1200T is also a nice watch. It’s a little thicker than the 600T and the 1000T and it has the helium escape valve on the left side of the case. My first one was pretty much brand new although I bought it used. It hadn’t been worn at all. The polished bezel was very easy to scratch and the hairlines showed up pretty fast.

#83 - The Doxa SUB 1200T Sharkhunter.

Wrist shot on the balcony.

Sweet cushion case! Measured 42mm excl. crown.

Helium escape valve.

Pocket shot. Or what we in Sweden on the watch forum Klocksnack refers to a so called "MK-shot".

#103 - The second Sharkhunter. A little more worn than the first one.

Even though the iconic Doxa look is orange, the black Sharkhunter is my personal favorite. It’s just as unique looking only a little stealthier. The newly produced Doxa’s that has been discontinued are becoming quite expensive these days. A Sharkhunter 600T is listed today on eBay for $2500. Last time I saw one for sale in Sweden was back in 2012 when it sold for $950 and then everyone thought it was overpriced. Crazy stuff. 

Some final pictures from were the Sharkhunter got caught on camera.

Here with my sister on her Police Academy graduation day. She wore her Traser of course!

Here together with a steak and egg sandwhich and an ice cold beer in the sun on the balcony. Sweet summer days!

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No 81 – Breitling Avenger Seawolf E17370

Alright, so does anyone remember why I sold the blue titanium Seawolf? That’s right, it was way too big. As usual. But do you also remember how impressed I was with the details of the dial and the overall high quality? Exactly! And at this time I was a little obsessed with yellow dials and when I saw the E17370 on a black Hershey rubber I was completely sold and had to have it. I don’t know why I’m so crazy about big dive watches and keep insisting to buy them when I know I won’t be able to wear them. It really is insane!

#81 - The Breitling Avenger Seawolf E17370.

The yellow Seawolf I got a hold on was a full set with both the Pro-I bracelet and the Hershey rubber. I tried it on the bracelet once but only wore it on the rubber while I owned it. What a great high end beater it was. This Seawolf was exactly the same as the blue one I had but I liked this one so much more.  I wish I’d kept it as a vacation watch. It’s a perfect watch to wear with just a t-shirt and a pair of Vilebrequin.

Tried it on the Pro-I but if it should be worn on anything else than the Hershey rubber it should be the Pro-II bracelet.

I bought and sold my used yellow Ti Seawolf for $1300 in the summer of 2011. Today when I checked eBay the cheapest full set I found was listed at $2250 and on Chrono24 the cheapest one was listed at $3200. How crazy is that?

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No 80 – Seiko Snowflake Superdome

As you can see this mod was based on a SKX-diver. The thing is I’m not sure which one it was built on but on the other hand I think it was so cool it deserved its own post. Of course my main watch brother Magnus was the one who customized it. With a new dial, insert and a set of hands from 10watches he took off but what made this piece stand out was the custom made crystal he manufactured in his lathe. The superdome. This crystal was mega-thick and solid. I’m not sure how thick it actually was but it was the thickest glass I’ve ever seen on a watch. It was of course put on an all brushed Seiko jubilee bracelet. Looked killer!

#80 - The Seiko Snowflake Superdome.

The watch got some attention on the forums but it ended up just lying around and was finally sold in June 2011. I contacted the buyer a couple of years later to see if he still had it in his possession. He did have it still but unfortunately the crystal had received a small crack during some swimming pool activity when he was on vacation in Greece. It still was water resistant; it was only that it didn’t look too nice. I told him I gladly bought it back if he wanted to sell but he wanted to keep it since it still was good for swimming.

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