No 273 - Doxa SUB 600T Sharkhunter

This watch was a grail for a long time. I had come to conclusion that the measurements for the SUB 600T should make it the perfect Doxa. I was searching for one for so long and in the end of 2015 I finally found one located in the US. It was a fullset in very nice condition and it arrived in early January of 2016. And it was indeed a beautiful watch! The proportions were great just as I expected. But! There were two details that started to bother me. One was the edge of bezel which felt very thin. The bezel on the 1000T and 1200T felt fatter and sturdier to grip. This was also a detail that made me dislike the reissue of the 300T but more on that when we reach that post. The other detail was the lume on the hands. The lume covered a smaller area on the hands compared to the 1000T and 1200T and it just didn’t look 100% to me. One thing I did like more on the 600T compared to the newer versions was the design of the crown but that wasn’t enough to make up for the two details I didn’t like.

#273 - The Doxa SUB 600T Sharkhunter.

My dear friend Magnus bought this watch from me and he still have it in his collection. The 600T has become really hard to find and when you do they are expensive! This version of the Sharkhunter with all white hands, a.k.a. the Great White, has become my favorite Doxa design and my new goal after selling this one was to find a 1000T with that appearance (which I did but more on that later as well). Owning the 600T was a good experience because that made me realize that the 1000T in my opinion is the most complete and perfect Doxa SUB.

A wristshot from an extremely cold winter's day in January 2016.

I haven’t had a Doxa SUB for quite some time now. The new Black Lung versions look cool but since I didn’t like the reissue of the 300T I have decided to avoid them. The yellow Poseidon SUB on the other hand, now that’s another story. Especially since Poseidon is a Swedish manufacturer if diving equipment it is really cool to see them collaborating again. But why they hell do they call it 300T when it actually is a 1200T? That shit just bothers me. I still haven’t had a Divingstar yet… damn… now I want one... a 1000T Divingstar.... the COSC version... I think I just found a new project…

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