No 255 - Rolex Submariner 14060M

Let me take you back to the spring of 2015. This is where I made my final attempt trying to find a keeper for myself.

OK, so the first true keeper attempt (the JLC Reverso that I wore when I got married) was a failure. And the Explorer II that replaced it was also sold. How on earth could another Rolex then be the answer in my search for a lifelong keeper? I remember reasoning something like "the nodate Submariner being an icon that set a standard among dive watches and that the four lined COSC version in my opinion was one of the most clean looking newer dive watches you could possibly get your hands on". And everything about is perfect. I still think so. But the fact of wearing a Rolex finally killed me. I was lost in the vast sea among all other Rolex wearers and became anonymous. I’m pretty sure I have explained this feeling writing about Rolex in the past but I had never felt it so strong before. The feeling of “being stuck” with this Submariner for life was horrible (I know, boohoo, what a silly "problem" but you know what I mean). I was of course hoping that this watch would cure me from the watch flipping madness but instead it just made me realize even more that I’m far beyond from being saved. And believe me when I say I tried. I tried so god damn hard. But it was impossible. It didn’t matter that the money from the watch was originally the money from the Reverso that my wife gave me. Keepers just aren’t for me and that’s it. No need to try anymore. A hopeless case of a kid in denial.

#255 - The Rolex Submariner nodate COSC, ref.14060M.
I think I really learned my lesson this time. I haven’t owned a Rolex since I sold this one back in the summer of 2016 and the thought of buying another one haven't even crossed my mind. I had it for almost 18 months and it really was my main watch during this time. I tried to spice it up with a Rubber B, which I think suited it great, and sometimes I threw it on a nato strap, but it wasn’t enough to make it more interesting. The watch said nothing about my true passion for watches. No watches beyond this point were ever bought for myself as promised keepers. Some have instead been bought as potential keepers but with the option to sell if not satisfied. Great solution, huh? I'm a frikkin' genius!

Here’s a bunch of random wrist shots from during the time that the Submariner was my number one watch.

On my way to work riding the bus.

Riding that bus again.

Guess what I'm doing here!

That's right, on the bus again! Reading Last Night in Twisted River by John Irving. Great book!

Did you know Nike made special running sweaters custom made to fit Rolex?

Out for a walk around the Royal Djurgården Park in Stockholm.

The classic ten past ten shot that you always try to score.

On a gray nato. Didn't have a Phoenix available at the moment. Would have been much better.

Really good on the Rubber B.

Taken in the car this time believe it or not.

With the camo sweater on ready to go hunting! (actually I was in the grocery store..)

I know you weren’t reading this post expecting a history lesson about the Submariner. Neither were you interested in reading about its specifications because 99% of you already know that. No, that’s not what this blog is about and you know that as well. Instead I tried to share some feelings that perhaps (hopefully!) I’m not the only one having. I hope that there’s at least a few others who can relate to what I’m describing and if so it might be nice to know that you are not alone out there. And to all of you who still enjoy reading this blog without thinking that I’m crazy, this blog is for you!

At the bus station in the fall of 2015. Had my Don Felder 70's look going on here.

A couple of days later when the long hair was gone and beard had been trimmed down.

The final picture of it before it was sold.

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