Up and running again!

Oh my God! It took me quite some time but all broken links have now been repaired. Man, this whole Photobucket business was almost driving me insane but now finally all is back to normal and I’ve gotten rid of those scumbags. Some posts like the CWC SBS Quartz Diver, the CWC RN Quartz Diver and the Seiko 7C43’s have also been recently updated with their latest additions along the way. I’ve even managed to scrape together a few new posts and in just a couple of days I will post something I’ve been working on lately that I think is really exciting and that I have been looking forward to very much to officially announce. Perhaps you’ve already caught a glimpse on Instagram?

So keep checking back now a little more often as I intend to speed up the posting. I also plan to post some more fresh content to mix it up a little instead of just looking back into the past. 

A huge thank you to all faithful readers! Your encouragement is what drives and motivates me.