No 10 & 56 - Oris TT1 Diver 300m

My first Oris TT Diver was a 300m version in titanium with a full lume dial. Up until then that watch was the most expensive one I had bought so far. Also it was used which of course worried me a little. "What was the condition going to be like?" I didn’t have many references and neither did the seller, I didn’t know many people on the watch forums and I wasn’t at all updated on what to look out for in a potential scam situation. My dad thought I was crazy sending $600 to a random guy. “How do you know the watch isn’t a fake?”, “How do you know he’s not ripping you off?”  Well, I didn’t know all that but we all have start somewhere and I have always trusted my gut feeling and all I got was good vibes from the seller. Anyhow, it arrived safe and all was good. Unfortunately I never took any pictures of it.

Product picture of the Oris TT1 Diver with lume dial.

#10 – My Oris TT1 Diver with lume dial bought in July 2009 (picture by previous owner).

Caseback (picture by previous owner).

(picture by previous owner)

It looked cool and felt good on the wrist but it really didn’t leave me with any other impressions. I can’t say I liked it and I can’t say I didn’t like it. It left me no memories and I can’t remember a single occasion when I wore it. It was just bland. I knew Oris also had some 1000m divers and instead I started searching for one of those and sold the 300m.

The second one I landed was only because I found one to a crazy good price and I just pulled the trigger. This one was the ordinary steel version. I had already changed my mind regarding the purchase and arranged a sale before I'd even received it and I only had it at home for a couple of hours before I sent it away to its new owner. Just enough for an inspection and to take a couple of pictures.
#56 – Bought in October 2010.

One of my quickest flips.

I would definitely recommend Oris to anyone who are about to buy a more serious watch. They make good quality watches with their own design and that I do like. I’ve actually considered a 36mm Big Crown as a dress watch. They look nice and have an old-fashioned design that speaks to me.


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